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MIAS Approved Provider


MIAS Approved Provider

Relentless Biking deliver the MIAS Mountain Bike SKILLS Course, part of the MIAS Mountain Bike Instructor's Award Scheme, delivered by our expert Mountain Bike Instructors and Mountain Bike Tutor's based in Hampshire and operating both in the surrounding counties and nationally.

It is a 2 day course that starts with the fundamental core skills needed either as a an introduction to Mountain Biking for Beginners, or to enable experienced Mountain Bike riders or potential Mountain Bike Instructor's Award Scheme Mountain Bike Leaders to gain the personal  skills, confidence and correct techniques to allow them to ride Blue or Red technical terrain comfortably. 

Our instructors are born from a number of Mountain Bike disciplines and expertly skilled in each including; Downhill, Cross-Country (XC) and Enduro, where by they have ridden across the globe, in a variety of conditions. 
Our passion for biking and Mountain Biking Coaching techniques develop an excellent foundation of skill.
The MIAS Mountain Bike Skills Course is designed to be progressive and introduces the skills required of beginner, experienced, confident riders or aspirant MIAS Leaders and MIAS Instructors preparing them for progression to MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Level 1 and MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Level 2 training and assessment. 
Attendance on a Mountain Bike Skills course is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended for anyone considering Mountain Bike Leader, Mountain Bike Coach, Mountain Bike Instructor or Mountain Bike Tutor progression.
Within our courses, which are delivered all over the United Kingdom  we use highly specialised coaching techniques, including video based analysis, in order to enable candidates to get the most from their personal riding.

Day one of the two day course focuses on the fundamental basics of mountain biking, from which confident mountain bikers are born. We utilise a recognised programme of training to develop an exceptional level of knowledge and confidence, the day includes; bike set up (include bars), lever position, seat height and angle, and suspension set up.

During the course of the day, candidates will cover:

  • Riding position to include Ready position, cones of movement, weight shift, SMBLE

  • Gear selection - correct use of gears for appropriate terrain and shifting techniques

  • Use of brakes Feathering

  • Climbing/Descending

  • Cornering

  • Small drops

  • Track stands

  • Front Wheel lifts

  • Culminating with an intro Blue route ride

Day 2 develops upon the knowledge of day 1 and focuses on Mountain Bike progression to up to and including technical riding, which enables riders to tackle the features of Red graded Mountain Biking type terrain culminating with a Red route trail confirmation ride where riders will put into practice all the skills and techniques taught over the 2 days.

During the course of the day, candidates will cover:

  • Line choice

  • Rear wheel lifts

  • Bunny hops

  • Jumps

  • Drop-offs

  • Off Camber sections

  • Roots and rocks

  • Flat turns

  • Berms

Successful candidates will receive the highly regarded Mountain Bike Instructor's Award Scheme Personal Mountain Bike Skills qualification at either Level 1 or Level 2 dependent on their personal riding ability, as well as confidence in their technique and ability to operate within the defined terrain.

We schedule a number open MIAS Mountain Bike Leader and Mountain Bike Skills Courses each year.


You can find our Course Catalogue HERE

You can find our 2022 Course Dates HERE

You can find our 2022 Course Price List HERE

MIAS Mountain Bike Skills Courses
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