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MIAS Gears



The Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) GEARS programme is a personal skills scheme, run at 6 levels, and was originally designed particularly at 1st Gear for those candidates with learning difficulties. It is a great introduction for young people to mountain biking, and delivered by Relentless Biking MIAS qualified, Mountain Bike Instructors  and Mountain Bike Coaches across the United Kingdom.

It can also form part of a cycling proficiency or bike ability programme within schools.

1st GEAR can be achieved by using various forms of cycles including a tricycle and is specifically designed for young people. Our specialist Mountain Bike Instructors and Mountain Bike Coaches are based in Hampshire, however operate ithroughout the United Kingdoma to deliver training for groups, schools or individuals.

Our MIAS Mountain Bike Skills programme is fantastic for schools developing Cycle Proficiency or Bikeability for students, as well as children beginning to ride with family.


  • 1st GEAR - Introductory Personal Skills​

  • 2nd GEAR - Developing Personal Skills​

  • 3rd GEAR - Consolidating Personal Skills​

  • 4th GEAR - Downhill Mountain Biking Skills​

  • 5th GEAR - Mountain Bike Trail/ Course Building Skills​

  • 6th GEAR - Mountain Bike Trail/ Course Management Skills


The following skills are assessed within GEARS 1 - 3. The required standard will vary depending on which GEARS level is being assessed.​

  • Brakes

  • Gear changing

  • Cornering

  • Alternating speed

  • Lifting front wheel

  • Bunny hops (Third gear only)

  • Distance

  • Bike anatomy

  • Tools

  • Repairs

At the end of the course, the candidate receives a certificate of achievement, alongside their new found Mountain Bike skills and confidence. The scheme can be utilised within the Cadet Forces, and other youth organisations to bench mark the standards of the candidate, when MIAS Skills Level 1 and Level 2 are not necessary. Examples of use of the scheme include; competency matching for Scout Awards, Pre Expedition assessment for Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, and Sea Cadet Mountain Bike Proficiency Awards.

We schedule a number open MIAS Mountain Bike Leader and Mountain Bike Skills Courses each year.


You can find our Course Catalogue HERE

You can find our 2022 Course Dates HERE

You can find our 2022 Course Price List HERE

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