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As a Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme (MIAS) Approved Provider Our specialist MIAS Mountain Bike Leaders, Mountain Bike Instructors, Mountain Bike Coaches and MIAS Mountain Bike Tutors, are accredited by both MIAS and the Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC).

We are based in Hampshire, however we operate in the surrounding counties; including London, Wiltshire, Surrey, Somerset, Sussex as well as nationally to deliver a huge selection of Mountain Bike training, Mountain Bike skills, Mountain Bike Coaching and MIAS Mountain Bike Instructor training.

If you can't find what your looking for, please feel free to contact us directly.  

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Relentless Biking, Mountain Bike Training and Coaching


Our highly experienced MIAS MTB Instructors and Coaches are able to deliver Mountain Bike Coaching sessions designed to enable you to significantly develop your riding skills. With instructors versed in XC, Downhill, Jumps and general riding we can develop a tailored package to suit you. We generally keep our Skills Coaching sessions as 1:1 in order to ensure that we can provide the best possible coaching.

Mountain Bike Group Lessons


Group lessons offer an exciting approach to Mountain Biking. Group lessons are delivered from an expert framework of training, and can be delivered in isolation or as part of an accredited MIAS Course. These sessions are perfect for schools, youth and Cadet organisations or Duke of Edinburgh's Award Teams, historically many groups have used these sessions to complete MIAS Gears, MIAS Personal Skills, or even MIAS Leader Training.

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Under the guidance of one of our MIAS Mountain Bike Leaders, our guided rides can take place at a venue to suit your needs and are particularly suited to those who wish to get the best from their ride, as well as families and groups looking to do more. Our tailored guided rides led by our expert Mountain Bike Instructor team will ensure your group or family achieves its greatest potential. This may be exploring New Forest cycle routes, through to experiencing the extremes of a Downhill bike park or Mountainous Off Grid expedition. Our instructors will take away the pressure and ensure you get the greatest lived experience. Our guided rides can also be tailored to school groups, cadet forces, military groups and others who wish to just 'Get out and Ride',

MIAS Gears Courses, Relentless Biking

Through our association with the Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) our MIAS Instructors and MIAS Tutors are able to deliver the MIAS GEARS Programme. MIAS Gears is a specific scheme which is designed to be delivered as a programme of skills training delivered to a group or individual. It is  ideally suited to young people, schools, youth organisations and cadet forces. MIAS GEARS is specifically designed to enable the rider to progress through a recognised and mapped scheme of skills to improve their riding ability.

Mountain Bike Skills Training
MIAS Mountain Bike

Our highly skilled MIAS Mountain Bike Instructors are also able to deliver the MIAS SKILLS Programme. MIAS SKILLS is perfectly placed as an introduction to Mountain Biking for beginners or as a developmental tool for more experienced riders and is more suited to adults. It can be delivered to groups or individuals. Utilising Mountain Bike Coachingc techniques to improve understanding and performance, MIAS SKILLS is designed to enable the rider to progress through a recognised and mapped scheme of skills to improve their riding ability. MIAS SKILLS is highly recommended as part of the progression pathway for anyone wishing to complete the MIAS Mountain Bike LEADER awards.

Mountain Bike Leader Courses
MIAS Mountain Bike

Are you looking to become a Mountain Biking Instructor or Mountain Bike Leader? Our highly trained and experienced MIAS Mountain Bike Tutors and Instructors are able to deliver MIAS MTB LEADER training and assessment at the following levels:

  • MIAS Assisting in Mountain Bike Leadership; 

  • MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Level 1;

  • MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Level 2;

  • MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Level 3.


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Mountain Bike Expedition Skills


MIAS Mountain Bike

Our Mountain Bike Instructor's Award Scheme Mountain Bike Expedition Leader course is specifically designed for qualified  MIAS Mountain Bike Leaders at Level 2 to develop their skills to enable them to deliver multi-day expeditions, and takes place over two days, during which the candidates will be completely self sufficient, including all elements of navigation, accommodation and catering. The course is designed to ensure that the candidate has the required knowledge, experience and ability to safely conduct an expedition in their approved terrain.

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MIAS Mountain Bike

This one day (and night) course provides qualified MIAS Mountain Bike Leaders the opportunity to develop their leading portfolio, by being able to lead Mountain Bike rides in night conditions, in terrain equal to their leader award. During the course Mountain Bike Leaders will receive training in suitable equipment, routes, safety measures, group management at night, and how further risk management processes must to be applied, in order to safely operate at night in off road terrain.


We schedule a number open MIAS Mountain Bike Leader and Mountain Bike Skills Courses each year.


You can find our Course Catalogue HERE

You can find our 2022 Course Dates HERE

You can find our 2022 Course Price List HERE


To book a place simply use the contact form and we will contact you to discuss your needs. In addition we run a number of closed courses for private organisations and groups. If the dates below are not suitable please contact us and we will arrange a date to suit your requirements.


All our training, including our MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Award training is provided by qualified, accredited and expert British Cycling (BC) and Mountain Bike Instructor's Award Scheme (MIAS) instructors.


Relentless Biking is a Trading Name of Relentless Adventure Ltd

Registered Company No: 11993624

Relentless Adventure, Suite 1,

5th Floor, City Reach,

5 Greenwich View Place,

London, England,

E14 9NN


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